We have assembled a multi-talented and experienced team of seasoned hams to undertake this amazing adventure.  To learn even more about our wonderful team, please click on their profiles below to visit their QRZ pages.

3Y0J Island Team

Team Co-Leader
IT Director

Licensed Since: 1982

Preferences: SSB, CW, Digital

DXpeditions: YI9PSE, ST0R, 3D2R, ET3AA, 7O6T, 3D2C, XZ1J, E30FB, VP8STI,VP8SGI

Member of: Northern California DX Club - NCDXC, NCDXF supporter, ARRL Life Member, A-1 Operator

Team Co-Leader
CEO of his Own Consulting Business (US Offshore Windprojects)

First Licensed: 1992

Preferences: CW

DXpeditions: 7Q7GIA, D67GIA, 3C7A, TL8AO, TN5E, 6O6O, TT8KO, JX7GIA, 6O7O, JW7GIA

Member of LA-DX-Group, Board member of Intrepid DX Group, CW ops #1888, Russian Contest Club #292, FOC #2161, NCDXF

Team Member
Software Developer

Licensed: 1984 (Y37RA, Y42DA from 1987 and DL6KVA from 1992)

Preferences: CW only, 160-10m

DXpeditions: 3D2KV, 4K0CW, DL6KVA/6Y5, 7QAA, D68CCC, ED9M, P29NI, P29VCX, P29VPB, RK6YYA, S21ZAS, S21ZDC, S9YY, T33A, T33KV, T30KV, VP8IDX, VP8SGI, VP8STI, XX9D, Z23MD, Contests at DA0HQ, DF0HQ, DK1A

Member of: GDXF, NCDXF supporter, CDXC

Team Member
United Nations staff member / Nuclear engineer

Licensed Since: 1976

Preferences: CW, SSB, RTTY

DXpeditions: VP8STI/SGI, VP8RHF, OJ0O, TN5R, C37N, ST0R, T70DXC, YI9PSE, VU7RG, VU4AN, 7P6/JH4RHF, GJ1A, 3B9C, TS7N, iG9A, 4U1UN, 3D2CU/CT, BV9P, KP1/KH2S, HV4NAC, ZL9CI, ZL9DX, XF4L etc. (QRV from 75 countries now)

Team Member / Technical Lead-Systems & Network
Consulting Engineer

Licensed Since: 1970

DXpeditions: K4M, C82DX, TX3X and KH1/KH7Z

Member of: Northern California DX Club - NCDXC, NCCC, INDEXA, PL256, Charter Member CWOPS, ARRL Life Member

NCDXF Board member

Team Member
University Professor

Licensed Since: 1984

Preferences: CW

Also the President of the Debrecen University Amateur Radio Club (HG0UD)

Previous DXpeditions: FW, 3D2, 6W, J5, SV/A, ZA, VP6D, VP8PJ

Team Member
Retired software executive (cyber security), currently advising tech startups

Licensed since: 1974

Preferences: SSB and CW, high rates

DXpeditions: KH6/W1SRD 2012, PJ4D 2013, TX3X 2015, VK9LX 2016, VP6D 2018, VP8PJ 2020

Team Member
Seismic Researcher

Licensed Since: 1991

Preferences: CW but also a little Phone & Digital, Low Bands

Team leader for S9LA, Z2LA and 5B/LA7THA (holiday style), 7P8LB and last one 9J2LA in 2020. For the last years, been more involved with contesting.

Member of the technical team at LN8W contest station, NRRL, LADXG, NCDXF, ARRL

Team Member

Licensed since: 1971

Preferences: SSB, Digital

DXpeditions: CY9M, ET3AA, TJ9PF, PJ7E, 4U1VIC, YI9PSE, TS7C, TX5C, J5C, XT2C, XT2CJ, 3Y0X, CE9/N2WB, XR9A, CE0Z, 4U1ITU, F/N2WB, HB0/N2WB, DL/N2WB, LU/N2WB, CE8/N2WB, PJ4/N2WB, IS0/N2WB, T70A, 5J0X, HK0/N2WB, VP2MWB, V25WB, HH4/N2WB, ZL7C, ZL3/N2WB, J79WB, J68WB, KH9/N2WB, J75J, J6J, FG5BG, WP2Z, 9M6OO Spratly Is., KG4WB and 9M6AAC, HI2DX.

Member of: FECDX, NCDXCC, NCDXF, Metro DX

Team Member
Retired from software development, with degrees in Electrical and Material Science engineering

Licensed Since: 1974

Preferences: CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, All bands

DXpeditions: VP8PJ, H40TT, ZK3A, V84SAA, VP6D, VK9MA, VK9WA, E51MQT, VP2MQT, TX6Z, VK9AN, 5J0X, HK0/N7QT, PJ7/N7QT, PJ6/N7QT, TX5D, J6/N7QT

Team Member / Technical Lead-Antennas
Retired Businessman

Licensed since: 1977

Preferences: CW, SSB, Digital - Low band enthusiast

Awards: DXCC Challenge 3042 level

DXpeditions: 3D2R, 7O6T, 3D2C, E30FB, VP8STI, VP8SGI, 9M0W, E31A, ZK3A, 5W0OV, 3D2OV, KH8/WD5COV

Memberships: Life member of ARRL and INDEXA. NCDXF supporter

Team Member / Lead Non-radio Related Equipment
Maritime Lawyer

Licensed since: 1994

Modes: CW, SSB, Digital

DX-expeditions FR/F6KDF/T (Tromelin, cw op), FT5ZH (co-organiser); FR/F6JJX, W6/F6JJX, F6JJX/P, JW/LB1QI (EU-026)

Contesting all major contests F6KDF, TM2T, TM0DX, TM0ANT, LB1QI, LN8W

Member of: LADXG, CDXC #754, NRRL, LDXG

Team Member
IT Consultant

Licensed since: 1990

Preferences: CW, SSB, Digital

DXpeditions: A5, ZK3, V8, TX0M/TX0A, 6O, 9M0, FJ, FM, J3, J8, VK9C, VK9X, VP5, VP9, and Z2. Recently he has been a guest operator at 4U1UN and HV0A

INDEXA Board member

Member of: NCDXF, FOC, CWops, LIDXA, WECA, Order of Boiled Owls of NY

Team Member / Physician
ER Physician

Co-founder of Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF)

Many IOTA activations, including: NA13, H74C, NA119, NA120 N5M, NA168, NA158, NA143, NA197, NA92, NA14, NA55, NA44, NA45, NA209 H75A, NA246,NA89 K5P, NA94 CY9M, VK9AR OC-216, VK9AR/6 OC-234, NA-82 N5C

Honorary Team Member
(1928 -2018)
John participated in Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) research activity in Antarctica as well as The Norwegian Antarctic Expedition 1956–60 where he later was honored with the The Antarctic Medal. Queen Maud Land in Antarctica is one of two territories claimed by Norway, the other one is Peter 1st island. A glacier called "Snuggerudbreen" in Queen Maud Land has been named after John. He was a radio technician & telegraphist. John operated from Bouvet island twice as 3Y1VC in 1977 and 1979. The 1977 operation counted 27 QSOs and is the first approved operation from Bouvet. He returned to Bouvet island in 1979 where he did research amongst other on "Analysis on wave measurements at Bouvetøya". He made 1930 contacts during that stay on Bouvet.
Honorary Team Member
(1951 -2006)
Chuck was an American physician, a Captain in the United States Navy and a NASA astronaut. He spent 16 days in space on the Space Shuttle's STS-78 flight in 1996. In addition to activating Bouvet Island 2000/2001 as 3Y0C, some of his other operations were from Johnston Island, Kure Island, Palmyra and Jarvis Island, Midway Island, Wake Island, Baker and Howland Island and Kingman Reef.

3Y0J Support Team

Chief Pilot / EU Pilot
Spanish Goverment

Member of: CQ DX Hall of Fame, URA Unió de Radioaficionats Andorrans, Clipperton DX Club, Cuba DX Group, RADIOGRUPO SUR Montevideo - Uruguay, Ecuador DX Club, HC DX Group

West Coast Pilot & Webmaster
IT Director

Awards: 8 Band DXCC, 8 Band WAS, Triple Play, CQ WPX (Mixed, SSB, CW, Digital), WAC 8 Band, VUCC 6m

Member of: Northern California DX Club - NCDXC, NCDXF supporter, NCCC, RSGB, Various Local Radio Clubs, ARRL Life Member

East Coast Pilot

Licensed since: 1979

Authorized card checker for the ARRL's DXCC program, including 160m, as well as for WAS, WAC & VUCC awards.

Member of: New Jersey DX Association

JA/Asia Pilot

Licensed since 1968

Awards: DXCC

Dxpedtion A52DX,HR3/JF1PJK,GJ6UW,A35W,VP6R

Member of: EUDXF

Youth Pilot
University Student

Member of: Deep Dixie Contest Club, South Texas DX Club, Young Amateurs Communication Ham Team

South America Pilot
Administrator in a family business that sells electrical equipment to industry.

Licensed Since: 1991


Member of: ARRL (Life), Araucaria DX Group, Digital Modes Club - DMC, Mediterranean DX Club

VK/ZL Pilot
Farrier-Horse Hoof Care

First Licensed: 1981, with the novice callsign VK5NLS, later that year as full call VK3DIC. Since 1991 as VK3HJ.

Awards: DXCC (327), 9BDXCC 160 – 10 m. WAS 160 m achieved last year.

Member of: WIA, ARRL, and some local radio clubs.

QSL Manager
Police Officer (Retired)

Licensed Since: 1998

DXpedition & IOTA QSL Manager


Member of: Russian Robinson Club, Clipperton DX Club, MDXC, RSGB, IOTA (Awards Manager & Board Member), IREF (Board Member)