To the global DX community.

We regret to inform you of the following news.

The global pandemic has impacted the expedition charter vessel business very hard; this includes the venerable RV Braveheart which has provided outstanding safety and service to many DXpeditions. As you know, we had signed a contract with Braveheart for 3Y0J.

Today, we were informed that Braveheart will be sold. As a result, Nigel Jolly will no longer be associated with the ship, our contract with the ship has been cancelled and our deposit will be refunded. This is a very disappointing development to all involved.

At this time, we are cancelling the 3Y0J Dxpedition. We have ceased accepting donations and we will begin refunding 100% of the donations using the same method they were received, i.e., PayPal, cash or check. This process will take several weeks to sort out, so please be patient.

We wish to thank our team for putting their trust in us. We wish to thank all of the donors and sponsors that gave generously to this project. We will continue to research other ships and possibly find another suitable vessel for a future project.


Paul Ewing, N6PSE

Kenneth Opskar LA7GIA

Bouvet Island is a cold and inhospitable place. At 54 degrees south, Bouvet Island is the most remote place on Earth.

The Intrepid-DX Group is proud to announce a major ham radio expedition to the #2 Most Wanted DXCC Entity. We have been planning this DXpedition since our successful 2016 DXpeditions to South Sandwich and South Georgia. This DXpedition is made possible by the generous financial support of the global DX Community.

We invite you to follow our progress on this website as we move forward with our plans to activate Bouvet. The content of our website will be constantly updated, so please check our progress frequently.

In January 2023,  a team of fourteen Intrepid DXers will depart CapeTown, South Africa on the venerable RV Braveheart and embark on a 42 day voyage to Bouvet Island and back. After our ten day voyage to Bouvet, we will brave the treacherous waves and winds to make a shore landing and an arduous climb up onto the edge of the Glacier. We plan to be at Bouvet for twenty days, weather permitting.

We will assemble a team of skilled and seasoned Operators who will work the pileups with passion and skill. We will make effective use of CW/SSB and Digital modes.

Each team member will contribute a minimum of $20,000 each and your donation will be spent on securing the budget of $ $764,000. Without sufficient UPFRONT support this DXpedition might not happen, any donation is appreciated! We invite all Foundation, Club and individual donations via our Donate page.

If you would like to support us, please contact Paul N6PSE or Ken LA7GIA.

Thank you for your interest in our DXpedition!

Ken Opskar - LA7GIA and Paul Ewing - N6PSE, Co Leaders

Countdown to Bouvet

Bouvet is the #2 Most Wanted DXCC Entity

IOTA: AN-002 - CQ Zone: 38 - ITU Zone: 67 - Grid Square: JD15

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For more information about our destinations, please check out:

You dream it, we can do it!

Once again on this adventure, transportation to and from the island is provided by the legendary Braveheart!

We fully support the DX code of conduct

Please practice good and courteous operating at all times. And please remember, we are ALWAYS split!

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